Structure Construction | Roadway

PACIFIC offers Structure Construction services for public works as well as private projects. Our diverse experience in Design, Construction and Material enables us to successfully and reliably perform construction administration or oversight on complex projects. PACIFIC can represent owners in IQA role in Design-Build projects or in QA role in typical Design-Bid-Build projects. PACIFIC personnel have extensive Caltrans experience including Office of Structure Construction (OSC), and Materials and Testing Services (METS). Our experience entails both in the field and in the office. PACIFIC engineers are experienced in construction management, field (on-site) inspection, source inspection, and constructability reviews.

PACIFIC SC Personnel

PACIFIC services include the review of all types of packages that may be submitted to Structure Construction, METS, or Design teams such as permanent or temporary works design packages (plans, calculations, specifications, reports), shop drawings, construction schedules, etc. PACIFIC services may include representing owners at meetings, administer work to ensure compliance with the contract, draft position statements and memoranda, draft field observation notices and nonconformance reports, take samples, perform inspection and testing, office engineering, scheduling, testing, repairs, and constructability reviews. PACIFIC assists clients to identify potential construction problems and facilitates resolutions. PACIFIC is very proactive in identifying and addressing potential construction problems and providing reference only to contractual requirements to avoid or minimize potential claims.

PACIFIC can provide registered professional engineers as Structures Representative, Resident Engineer, Assistant Structures Representative, Assistant Resident Engineer, Structural Inspector, Pavement/Roadway Inspector, and Office Engineer for major bridge projects as well as other field personnel.  PACIFIC CM team has worked extensively with Caltrans Construction personnel in Southern California.