Bridge Inspection

For city, county, state or federal bridges, PACIFIC performs Routine Bridge Inspections to ensure the safety and reliability of the bridges open to traffic and flag anything that might need additional investigation, repair or replacement.  PACIFIC has specially trained engineers, technicians and support staff for inspection of bridges.  PACIFIC can inspect bridges if consumed by floods, brought down by fire, damaged by earthquakes, or hit by trucks.  Truck accidents are common; such as the accident at SR-22/I-405/I-605 in Orange County, CA (March 2013) and Interstate 5 Skagit River in Washington state (May 2013).

PACIFIC performs inspection of the superstructure and substructure including bridge deck, rails, sidewalk slabs, spalling concrete, cracks, corrosion, signs of settlement or erosion.  PACIFIC provides a list of items that need maintenance, watch in future inspections, and identify the structurally deficient or functionally obsolete bridges.

If, during the course of an inspection, inspectors find any issue that could compromise the bridge’s structural integrity, PACIFIC acts to protect public safety, including closing the bridge or posting the structure for weight limitations until repairs are made.

PACIFIC trains its people for unexpected things that could be seen in a bridge inspection – wildlife, homeless people, nails, rattlesnakes, bees, critters, and exposure to live traffic.